Oregon State University says that Compost Tea:

Provides nutrients to plants
Builds beneficial soil microbial populations

Click for Oregon State University Article

We brew our own Aerobic Compost Tea in 300 gallon batches using the highest quality compost and worm castings, which promotes beneficial bacteria, fungi, protozoa and nematode populations in the tea. We include fish emulsion to add protein and macronutrients, Kelp to add micronutrients and promote fungal growth, and molasses which beneficial bacteria love to eat. It’s all topped off with the proper amount of soluble humate for the ultimate in turf vigor.

When sprayed on your lawn, our Compost Tea adds all these beneficial living microorganisms that your lawn needs to grow thick and lush, without chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Your lawn will stay greener with less water, less frequent mowing, and it will develop a long term natural defense so you won’t need to rely on chemicals to fight insects and diseases that would destroy your lawn. Our Compost Tea is completely natural and organic, sustainable, and non-toxic.

Compost Tea application at Harvard Yard, as seen on “Ask This Old House” from UOS on Vimeo.

Carolina Organic Lawns concentrates on developing healthy soil. Our organic method stimulates growth of beneficial microbes and earthworms, creating a rich, healthy soil.

Healthy soil grows healthy lawns!

What Is Compost Tea, Anyway?

Compost Tea is a liquid source of micro biology for your lawn. Beneficial microorganisms are extracted from compost by suspending the compost in a 300 gallon drum, adding oxygen and nutrients which grows those beneficial bacteria, fungi, and protozoa in huge numbers. Compost Tea improves tillage by building better soil structure. Only the biology builds soil structure, and Compost Tea adds that necessary biology.

Chemical based pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers negatively impact beneficial microorganisms in the ecosystem. Compost Tea improves plant nutrition by increasing nutrient availability in the root system. Microbial interactions increase plant available nutrients in exactly the right place, time and amounts that the plant needs.

Properly aerated and conditioned, your lawn will develop a stronger, deeper root system. As a result, your turf will be more drought and heat resistant, and better able to pull nutrients and oxygen from the soil. This stimulates lateral growth, creating a thicker lawn that is better able to crowd out weeds, and needs less frequent mowing.

compost tea brewer 400x300

Organically maintained lawns:

Use less water
Need fewer mowings
Crowd out weeds
Resist pests

Which adds up to savings for you!

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Sorry, but our fescue schedule has been filled for this year. Our schedule fills up fairly quickly, because we are not a giant franchise. We run one truck with the owner and his son. We give personal attention to every lawn, as if it were our own.

If you have a warm season grass – bermuda, zoysia, or centipede – we still have some openings on our warm season route. Email jon@carolinaorganiclawns.com subject line “Warm Season” and I’ll get right back to you with a quote.

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