Carolina Organic Lawns employs a holistic approach to lawn care.

Over the years, we have developed a proprietary formula of humates, organic fertilizers, soil conditioners, and compost tea. Our solution increases and sustains the beneficial microbial life in your soil. It replaces necessary nutrients, minerals, and micronutrients.

Our lawn solution is the highest quality organic and biological product in the industry. The blend of humates, organic compounds, and soil biology is key to the health of your soil, and thus it is the key to the health and beauty of your lawn.

Our unique organic lawn solution improves your soil’s health. Healthy soil grows beautiful, lush lawns.

Compost Tea

Compost Tea helps the aeration process by infusing your soil with billions of beneficial microbes, nematodes, and fungi that help break down soil and make nutrients readily availble for plants.

Soil Conditioning

Conditioning is the addition of organic elements, including humates and micronutrients, into the soil. We use completely organic Compost Tea and soil conditioner made from North Atlantic Kelp. It is sprayed immediately after aeration and on a continuing (monthly) basis during the growing season to provide nutrition and promote the growth of healthy colonies of beneficial microbes and earthworms.

Our system creates a strong, deep root system, and a thick vigorous turf that can crowd out weeds, resist pests, and tolerate heat and drought conditions with less mowing and watering than typical chemical dependant lawns.

The Organic Solution

Our Natural Fertilizer, Soil Conditioner, and Compost Tea solution immediately reverses this process. Many of it’s nutrients are in chelated form which holds them in reserve until they are needed.

Our Solution is a total supply of nutrients as organic compounds such as carbohydrates and proteins which are held in the soil until the microbes and other organisms in our Compost Tea digest them. This starts and fuels the “self sustaining” process leading to increased nutrient cycles and naturally aerated soil structures.

You cannot find a more potent combination of hydrolyzed fish extracts, kelp, sulfate of potash, microbiology and other proprietary ingredients than we have in our lawn solution.

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now accepting new warm season turf or mosquito control clients only

our 2015 fescue schedule has been filled.

Sorry, but our fescue schedule has been filled for this year. Our schedule fills up fairly quickly, because we are not a giant franchise. We run one truck with the owner and his son. We give personal attention to every lawn, as if it were our own.

If you have a warm season grass – bermuda, zoysia, or centipede – we still have some openings on our warm season route. Email subject line “Warm Season” and I’ll get right back to you with a quote.

If you would like a Mosquito Control quote, email subject line “mosquito” and I’ll get right back to you with a quote.

If you would like to be put on our waiting list, email subject line “Waiting List” and I’ll let you know as soon as a fescue opening becomes available.

We would love to have you as one of the few. Thank you! – Jon & Daniel Cawley

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