Zoysia, Centipede, and Bermudagrass

one treatment per month during the growing season, ten treatments per year. makeup of mix may change due to climate and other environmental factors.


  • No treatments


  • No treatments


  • This round we are giving your warm season turf all the good things it needs to wake up strong and healthy, as well as pre- and post-emergent weed control.
  • March Application:
  • Hydretain Moisture Manager @ 6 oz per 1000 sf
  • Aggrand Organic Fertilizer @ 4 oz per gal
  • Aggrand Organic Kelp Soil Conditioner and Sulfate of Potash @ 3 oz per gal
  • Carolina Organic Lawns Compost and Vermi Tea @ 3 gals per 1000 sf
  • Terra Vita Humate SP-90 @ 4 oz per 1000 sf
  • Weed Control
  • Chelated Iron
  • Micronutrients


  • Screamin’ Green Organic Granular Fertilizer
  • Personal Turf Inspection
  • Post-Emergent Weed Control if needed
  • Screamin’ Green:
  • Provides Organic Nutrients for healthier plants
  • Provides Organic Matter (OM) for healthier soil
  • Contains organic matter absent in most organic fertilizers
  • Is rich in soil-life stimulating compounds that aid in nutrition and disease suppression
  • Has five nitrogen sources that blend beautifully together
  • Adds energy to soils for superior nutrient uptake
  • Contains substances that build stronger cell walls
  • Aids in drought resistance
  • Preserves America’s waterways
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